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MOSST – the most mobile money transfers


MOSST Payments presents a new solution for money transfers - MOSST.

Good news for all cell phone owners - MOSST money transfer app is now available at Google Play and App Store. For those who spend more time with PCs, the company offers a web-version.

MOSST provides transfers between the cards of any banks issued in Ukraine. For maximum user convenience MOSST offers a user-friendly interface, as well as the opportunity to transfer money without registration.

It seems incredible, but to send money with MOSST, you do not even need to know the number of beneficiary՚s bank card - it՚s enough to have their phone number or e-mail address.

Just transfer money and your partner will instantly receive a notification that the amount you have sent is already waiting for them.

Now MOSST users have an opportunity to upgrade to free premium account and get an access to additional features of the application. For the first time in Ukraine, a face and fingerprint recognition is used to log in to premium account on mobile devices. Also MOSST plans to use these solutions to confirm payments soon. Users of MOSST premium account have access to: the history of transfers, saved receipts and the ability to bind selected cards to the account, which eliminates the constant input of identification data: 16-digit card number and the date "valid thru".

The personal data of MOSST Payments customers is protected in full compliance with the international standard for the security of bank cards PCI DSS.

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